Tuesday, February 3, 2015


Hello my fellow bloggers
The first band that I am spotlighting today is a band called thrice. This is a metal band from the early 2000's. Since they formed they have been blowing their fans' minds through heavy amounts of distorted guitar and constantly changing complex time signatures. Now it takes a drummer to fully appreciate this. I've been drumming for 12 years and I still have a bit trouble changing time signatures, so mad props to Riley Breckenridge. Thrice constantly changes up the typical metal to be more philosophical, and sometimes puts me deep in thought, but then BLOWS MY FREAKING FACE OFF with epic instrumentals. Needless to say, this is one of my favorite bands. However sadly they disbanded  a couple years ago. However recently an poster on their website said "Thrice 2015". Much like their music, this is very puzzling. Perhaps they are going to make more music, or perhaps they will go on tour once again. Either way, I am pretty freaking excited.

Some of their better songs include :
- artist and the ambulance
- Motion isn't Meaning
- Moving Mountains
-The Beltsville crucible
-and a fantastic rendition of the song "Send me an angel"

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And May the Power of Music Ignite us All

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