Saturday, February 7, 2015

Eddie Rabbitt

If you all don't mind I'm gunna switch genres. Now this guys a bit old (and apparently dead), but I'd like to spotlight Eddie Rabbitt. After a brief moment of silence I looked up a bit about this guy. He's kinda a country legend. He made TONS of songs of which I know and love, but I just never knew the artist. two dollars in the jukebox... Rocky Mountain Music... The Song of Ireland. These were the kind of songs that always made me feel all warm inside. Songs about struggle, heartbreak, and America. But of course he portrays these feelings without using all kinda of curatory words like rap tends to. (Not hatin against rap, I'll be spotlighting a rap group next time.) Now most people tend to look down on country, however I hypothesize that you must be listening to the wrong country. This isn't some Jason Aldean bologna. This is the real deal, so if I have literally any viewers at all, I suggest you expand your genrical horizons. (I did indeed make that word up, but it sounded like it could work.)

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(Ok. The cheesy ending saying got old after 3 posts.)

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