Wednesday, February 4, 2015

House of Heroes

This band astounds me constantly with their catchy tunes and alternative rock beats. Like most great bands, they started as a high school garage band known as Plan B. They slowly caught the eyes of locals and as they became more popular, they changed their name to house of heroes and stayed their awesome selves. According to the drummer of House of Heroes, Colin Rigsby, some of House of Heroes influences are: The Beatles, Queen and The Clash. Tim Skipper also said that Muse is a source of influence. To be entirely honest I didn't even know these guys existed until they showed up on my pandora radio (which is my main source of discovering music) and I was just about to skip them, when suddenly I found myself enamored with their catchy sound. (This song in particular was  "Love is for the Middle Class".) I then went on to find more from them via YouTube. 
Some of their best songs include (but are not limited to )
-Codename Raven
-Love is for the Middle Class
-God Save the Foolish Kings
-Field of Daggers

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And May the Power of Music Ignite Us All

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